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30th-Jun-2009 10:45 pm
ju ki
I decided to put my thoughts regarding my current Korean or any Asian drama/variety show/singers or whatever obsession I have at the moment here. Since no one of  my friends is an Asian drama addict or really obsessed as I am in any Korean stuff I decided to post all the things I want to say here and not bug them anymore. As of the moment I'm so engrosed in watching the Korean variety show Family Outing and the Korean drama Triple. Let's star t with Triple:

Title: 트리플 / Triple                                                                                                 
Chinese Title : 冰颀恋
Genre: Romance, Sport
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2009-June-11 to 2009-July-30
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


This drama is about a female figure skater, Lee Haru, who is hoping to make it big. Her life gets complicated when she meets her step-brother, Shin Hwal, after many years of being separated. Hwal’s father and Haru’s mother died tragically in a car accident. Hwal and his friends; Hae Yoon, Hyun Tae, and Sang Hee all work at the same ad agency. While Haru is trying to make her dreams come true, she unintentionally brings together her skating coach, Choi Soo In, and Hwal together. She didn’t know that Soo In was her brother’s ex-wife.


Lee Jung Jae as Shin Hwal
Lee Sun Gyun as Jo Hae Yoon
Yoon Kye Sang as Kang Hyun Tae
Min Hyo Rin as Lee Haru
Lee Ha Na as Choi Soo In
Kim Hee (김희) as Kang Sang Hee

Extended Cast

Song Joong Ki as Ji Poong Ho
Kim Sang Ho
Park So Hyun
Choi Baek Ho (최백호)
Kim Bo Ri

Production Credits

Director: Lee Yoon Jung
Screenwriter: Lee Jung Ah (이정아) & Oh Soo Jin (오수진)

credits: www.koreandrama.org/


My say:


This drama is just light (as far as the 5 episode that I've watched) but I expect more heavy scenes as things unfold. The characters are love. I’m not really a good critic with regards to acting but all I can say is all casts are doing a good job portraying each part. Lee Haru a happy country gal who loves to skate, went to Seoul to achive her dream so she lives with her Oppa (older brother), she also adores her Oppa so much. She may sometimes be a walking disaster but she makes up to it  by making the household smile. She may be young but she is capable of doing lots of things. The three guys who are friends since highshool and live in the same house who becomes Haru's Oppas guardian & protector. I love how these 3 guys with different personalities live & work together in one house. Shin Hwal being obnoxious yet so caring, Jo Hae Yoon the serious one and when in comes to his friends he will do anything, he also take care of Ha Ru as a real borhter will do, the happy go lucky, understandable & miserable Kang Hyun Tae. I feel pity for him since he falls inlove with his best friend’s wife, he wants to be with her yet he can’t, he also make sure to that Haru is always similing. They are just so adorkable. Also we have the girls: the easy going & dependable Kang Sang Hee, she’s so lucky to have these 3 guys as friends, hopefully she’ll find in her heart to say that she really is in love with Hae Yoon, Choi Soo the unfaithful wife of Shin Hwal who becomes Ha Ru’s couch and whom Hyun Tae’s adore and she is always crying in the first part of the drama.Last but not the least Ji Poong Ho the super cute boy who got a crush on Ha Ru he is so adorable –can’t believe this guy is already 24-.


Well that’s all for now all I can say is I’m hook with this drama and I hope it won’t disappoint. Can't wait for the next episode....


Hay.... too bad I don't know how to upload the pictures hehehehe

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